“What’s Up Blue?”

Calling all friends and supporters of Matt Blue. After a year of ups and downs Matt is still smiling and showing us all he’s not giving up. On Saturday, April 6th let’s gather together to lift up Matt and Morgan as he continues his strong resolve to fight this battle.

Everyone knows “Blue.” He leaves an impression. Whether you’ve been in a room he’s filled with laughter, been part of one of his “intriguing” conversations, played on a field with him, been coached by him, spent a day in his classroom, or received the encouragement you needed to get through a dark day; you have a “Blue Story” to tell.

Matt Blue is many things to our community and the people he loves. Blue is a friend, comedian, teammate, coach, teacher, father, husband, son, and brother. He is the heart of our community, and what those love most about him is he is a competitor and fighter.

Blue is a lifelong Eastern Shoreman. He was born in Easton and graduated from Easton High School in 2002. He was a talented athlete excelling in baseball, soccer and basketball and went on to be the goalie for the Salisbury University’s Men’s Soccer Team. It was more than just his skill that made him the leader of the team – he was the one who kept the team loose and laughing, and also inspired them to work harder and succeed together.

After graduating from Salisbury, he returned to Easton and the community he loves. He redirected his competitive spirit to coaching Easton High School’s soccer and baseball teams. In 2010, Blue joined Talbot County Public Schools as a Special Education Teacher and has been a beloved mentor, friend and colleague at Easton Elementary School, Easton High School and Easton Middle School.

Blue made his wisest decision when he married Morgan in 2016. Together, they have created a beautiful family with their three children – Dustin (15), Bronson (5) and Skylin (2).

As his children grew, he left high school coaching and became the coach of his children’s sports teams. Blue can be found on the sidelines of numerous soccer fields, basketball courts and baseball fields around the County, teaching the next generation how to be fierce and honorable competitors.

Just as Blue has shown up for us, he needs us to show up big for him and the people he loves as he competes in the biggest match of all – the fight for his life.

On December 9th, Matt went to the hospital with some abdominal pain and learned the unthinkable – he had cancer.

Three days later, he received the official diagnosis of Metastatic Colon Cancer with nodules found in the liver, one lung and on his pelvis bone. There are also lesions on his left hip and rib.

Matt and his family are working with oncologists in both Easton and at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Following their advice, he is receiving chemotherapy and radiation to shrink the cancer and will also undergo hip realignment surgery in February. He will also be well-positioned to participate in clinical trials when and if it becomes time to do so.

Our community has been incredible and has rallied around Matt and his family thus far. As Matt prepares to compete in one of life’s toughest battles against cancer, let’s show him how much of an impact he has had on our entire community. Together, as a team, we can ensure there are many more “Blue Stories” to come!